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Patricia Priebe-Swanson

After a 28 year career in the legal field, my husband and I moved to the Capitol Reef National Park area in Southern Utah in 1999.  We built our all-solar powered house and settled in to enjoy semi-retirement.  That was when I began to explore a way to express my very emotional attachment to this red rock country and in 2000, for the first time, began to draw and then paint the landscape surrounding my home.


The red rock country of southern Utah is my inspiration.  My paintings utilize watercolor and ink to capture the detail, patterns and color of the landscape surrounding my home.  The detail of an image is what attracts me first; the way shadows in a crevice enhance the form; the shape a curve of an arch takes when sunlight strikes it; the glow a color takes on when contrasted against a deep blue sky.  My perception of the scene is that it is a sum of its details and I draw and paint it in a highly realistic style while also focusing on the abstract qualities of design and form inherent in nature.  Color and texture also play an integral role in these paintings and are a means to define and unify various elements of the picture.


Exploring the landscape, the process of learning to see and interpret what I see is the artistic niche that is now an essential part of my life.



            Autumn 2001         Red Rock Wilderness magazine

            Summer 2003        Red Rock Wilderness magazine

            Winter 2003-04      Red Rock Wilderness magazine

            Spring 2004           Red Rock Wilderness magazine

            Spring 2009           Painters of Utah’s Canyons and Deserts



            2002                One person show: Redmoor Corp., Redmond, WA

            2004                Two person show: Courthouse Gallery, Provo,UT                               

            2005                One person show: Anasazi Museum, Boulder, UT

                                    Group show: “Utah Images 2005”, Salt Lake City, UT

            2006                Two person show: Anasazi Museum, Boulder, UT                                 

            2007                Two person show: Rose Wagner Art Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT

                                    Salt Lake Community College, President’s Art Show

                                    One person show: Anasazi Museum, Boulder, UT

            2010                Group show: “Utah Images 2010”, Salt Lake City, UT

                                    Group show: “Taming of the Shoe”, Ukiah, CA

            2011                Two person show: Fremont Indian Museum, Sevier, UT

            2006-2012       Group show: Sears Dixie Invitational, St. George, UT



            2005                “Everett Ruess Days” plein air competition, Second place/merit

            2007                Sears Dixie Invitational, first place

            2011                Sears Dixie Invitational, honorable mention

            2012                Sears Dixie Invitational, honorable mention



            1970                Multnomah College, Portland, Oregon General studies

            1980-1982      Seattle Community College and Everett Community College,                                                                 Washington – paralegal certificate


Special Events                                              

            2007                Official White House Christmas Tree Ornament Representing                                                               Capitol Reef National Park

Gallery 24, Torrey, Utah


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